MOH Nursing Recruitment in Kuwait: Document Requirements and FAQs

Document Requirements moh kuwait
Document Requirements moh kuwait

Embarking on a nursing career with the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Kuwait is a rewarding opportunity. However, to ensure a smooth recruitment process, it’s crucial to have all necessary documents in order. This blog will guide you through the required documents for MOH nursing recruitment and provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Essential Documents for MOH Nursing Recruitment

Academic and Professional Certificates

  1. SSLC and Higher Secondary Marks Card: Both must be attested and authenticated.
  2. Nursing Degree: Attested and authenticated.
  3. Transcript: A complete transcript of your nursing degree, attested and authenticated.
  4. Experience Certificates: These should detail your nursing experience in your home country and must be attested and authenticated.
  5. Grading Certificate: Obtain this from your embassy.
  6. Valid Nursing License: Ensure it is current and valid.

Personal Identification Documents

  1. Birth Certificate: A copy of your birth certificate.
  2. Passport: A copy of your passport.
  3. Civil ID: A copy of your Kuwait Civil ID.

MOFA Attestation

All the above documents (SSLC and Higher Secondary marks card, nursing degree, transcript, experience certificates) must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

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Additional Requirements

  1. Article 18 Profession: Your profession on the visa must be listed as Nursing.
  2. NOCs (No Objection Certificates):
  • One NOC for obtaining a nursing license.
  • Another NOC for residency transfer.

For Family Visa

If you are applying under a family visa, you only need to provide insurance documents.


  1. What is MOFA attestation?
  • MOFA attestation is the process of validating your documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure their authenticity.
  1. Why do I need two NOCs?
  • One NOC is required for obtaining your nursing license, and another is needed for transferring your residency status.
  1. Do I need to attest my birth certificate?
  • Yes, your birth certificate should be attested as part of the verification process.
  1. Is a grading certificate necessary?
  • Yes, a grading certificate from your embassy is required to verify your educational qualifications.
  1. What should my visa profession be listed as?
  • Your visa profession must be listed as “Nursing” under Article 18.
  1. What documents are needed for a family visa application?
  • For a family visa application, you only need to provide insurance documents.
  1. Do experience certificates from my home country need MOFA attestation?
  • Yes, all experience certificates must be attested by MOFA.
  1. What if my nursing license is expired?
  • You must renew your nursing license to ensure it is valid at the time of submission.
  1. Can I apply without a Civil ID?
  • No, a copy of your Kuwait Civil ID is mandatory for the application.
  1. How can I get my documents attested?
    • You can get your documents attested by contacting the relevant authorities in your home country and then the MOFA in Kuwait.

Having all these documents ready and properly attested will streamline your recruitment process with the MOH in Kuwait. Ensure each step is meticulously followed to avoid any delays or complications in your application. Good luck with your nursing career in Kuwait!

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