Ministry of Health Kuwait’s New Nursing Recruitment Approach: Addressing Grading Certificate Challenges

A New Recruitment Approach

Since February 2024, the Ministry of Health in Kuwait has launched a novel approach to its nursing recruitment process. This new method aims to streamline the application process, making it more accessible through their user-friendly website.

Simplified Application Process

As we previously discussed, the application process on the Ministry’s website has been made exceptionally straightforward. Candidates can now easily navigate the site to submit their applications. However, despite this improvement, a significant issue has arisen concerning the grading certificates required from applicants.

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Grading Certificate Challenges

One of the main challenges faced by new applicants revolves around the grading certificates. From the information we have gathered, it appears that many colleges in India are not yet aware of the grading standards required by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait. Consequently, these colleges are often unwilling or unable to provide the necessary certificates.

Indian Embassy’s Role

Previously, the Indian Embassy in Kuwait played a crucial role by issuing grading certificates based on the percentage of marks provided by the colleges. However, the Indian Embassy has recently become more stringent, insisting that the grading certificates must contain the exact content provided by the respective colleges. This change has further complicated the situation for applicants.

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A Call for Government Initiative

To resolve this issue, we recommend that the government initiate a comprehensive campaign to inform colleges about the grading standards required for MOH Kuwait Nursing Jobs. This could be achieved through official notifications and circulars sent directly to colleges, ensuring that all potential candidates receive the necessary grading certificates without any hindrance.


In conclusion, while the Ministry of Health in Kuwait has made commendable strides in simplifying the nursing recruitment process, addressing the grading certificate issue is crucial. By taking proactive steps to educate and inform Indian colleges about the grading requirements, the government can significantly ease the application process for aspiring nurses seeking opportunities in Kuwait.

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