All the times Kourtney Kardashian was called out for ‘dangerous’ parenting decisions after Alabama, 17, shares racy pics

KOURTNEY Kardashian fans have been known to knit-pick her parenting styles with both her children and step-children.

The Hulu star has three children with ex Scott Disick: Mason, 13; Penelope, 10; and Reign, 8.

Kourtney has three kids: Mason, Penelope, and Reign


Kourtney has three kids: Mason, Penelope, and ReignCredit: INSTAGRAM/ travisbarker
Reign is Kourtney's youngest child


Reign is Kourtney’s youngest childCredit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian
Fans claim Kourtney's step-daughter Alabama's posts are 'a bit too much'


Fans claim Kourtney’s step-daughter Alabama’s posts are ‘a bit too much’Credit: TikTok @alabamabarker

In 2022, Kourtney married Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, who has two children – Alabama, 17; and Landon, 19 – now making them Kourtney’s step-children.

Over the years, fans have slammed Kourtney for her “bad” and “dangerous” parenting styles.

Take a look at the times fans have called Kourt out — including this week’s latest backlash.


Alabama is known to upload over-the-top photos on social media — and fans have claimed her posts are a bit much for her age.

Kourtney flaunts her real stomach and teeny pink bikini in sexy pic
Penelope gets 'banned' from TikTok as fans beg Kourtney to 'look after her kids'

The youngest daughter of Travis took to her profile recently shared pictures of herself enjoying a sunny pool day.

The blond teen relaxed on a massive float shaped like an old-fashioned phone in a red cheeky bikini.

Alabama frequently posts on her social media accounts


Alabama frequently posts on her social media accountsCredit: TikTok/Alabama Barker

Alabama’s back was on full display as she laid face down on the pink float.

In a second snap, the teen posed on the side of the pool, again with her back to the camera.

A third showed off her cleavage and her makeup-free face as she enjoyed the water.

She captioned her post: “I feel you in my mind.”

But fans were not pleased by the content, as they urged the 17-year-old to stop acting older than her age.

Many took to Reddit to blame Kourtney and Travis for not having stricter rules for their daughter.

“This child is so young,” one wrote, while a second agreed, “It’s so gnarly, has Travis liked it and commented in appropriately yet? Sheesh.”

'Somebody parent this child,' one fan said regarding Alabama's recent Instagram photos


‘Somebody parent this child,’ one fan said regarding Alabama’s recent Instagram photosCredit: Instagram/alabamaluellabarker

“This is getting more and more disturbing. Reporting her account. Lol,” a third requested.

“How is this not ‘child pornography.’ Someone call CPS for God’s sake. Wtf!” a fourth scathed.

“Who’s taking these? Lol please don’t be Kourt,” a fifth suggested.

“This makes me sick. Only bc this is being encouraged by everyone around her and her parents aren’t protecting her. They absolutely know what kind of sick f**ks look for this exact kind of material,” another complained.

“Somebody parent this child!!!!!!” a final pleaded.


Last October, Kourt received backlash from fans after Reign, eight, gave the middle finger in a photo.

In a post shared on a popular Kardashians fan Instagram account, Reign shocked fans.

The two photos showed a long-haired Reign from 2019 and the other, a more recent snap, of the youngster out running errands with Kourtney and Travis.

Reign was flipping off the camera in both photos.

The post, captioned “Reign is hilarious,” quickly garnered backlash from fans for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum’s parenting style in the comment section.

Reign has gave photographers the middle finger before


Reign has gave photographers the middle finger beforeCredit: BackGrid

One person wrote: “I don’t think it’s hilarious! Bad behavior.”

A second fan commented: “Nothing cute about this.”

“Kourtney doesn’t know how to parent, every time I see her kids they’re always doing something bad,” another person claimed.

A fourth fan raged: “Personally I love and adore the Kardashians… but Kourtney’s children are honestly so spoilt and aren’t disciplined at all!”

They continued, “Kourtney, this isn’t how to raise your kids. It’s absolutely bad parenting.”

“… How about teaching these kids some manners and respect?” questioned another.


Last summer, the reality star filmed Penelope and Reign sitting in the backseat of Travis’ vintage Chevrolet convertible.

The family took a trip to the beach together after Travis was released from hospital following a life-threatening battle with pancreatitis.

Kourtney filmed herself sitting in the passenger seat, before panning the camera to Penelope and Reign in the back.

They struggled to stare ahead as the wind whipped their faces and were strapped into horizontal seat belts that didn’t have a cross-strap.

Penelope is Kourtney's middle child


Penelope is Kourtney’s middle childCredit: Instagram

Critics claimed the kids’ seatbelts were dangerous and slammed Kourtney for letting them ride in the “unsafe” car.

One wrote on Instagram: “Those seatbelts were scientifically proven to be unsafe but okay. I guess the vibes matter more than anything.”

Another added in a Reddit thread: “Poor kids. Not safe at all, I wouldn’t let my kids in those seatbelts in an old convertible like that.”

A third commented: “Reign is [eight] he should still be in a booster seat.”

Yet another pointed out: “The kids look miserable haha.”


During a camping trip last summer, Kourtney shared photos of Penelope as she ziplined across the forest and through the trees. 

In the next photo, a tactical survival bow was placed on the ground and on top of a log.

As the series of photos continued, the 10-year-old girl stood next to the target stand. 

She was near the range that had the bullseye for archery targets. 

Penelope recently uploaded a TikTok with her father, Scott Disick


Penelope recently uploaded a TikTok with her father, Scott DisickCredit: TikTok / pandkourt

Penelope was wrapped in a blanket while standing on the green grass field. 

The Poosh founder seemed to have covered up her stomach and added a padded jacket onto her layers of clothing during the family’s camping trip.

Eagle-eyed Kardashian fans were divided between being proud of Penelope for being “fearless” and were upset that the reality star allowed her little one to be near such a lethal weapon.

Fans also argued that Kourtney’s daughter could have been hit by a stray arrow since she was standing near the bullseye.

One critic said: “Okay, still dangerous, but Penelope is the coolest.”

Another critic added: “It’s obvious now that Penelope was the one searching for scary stuff to do.”

A third critic mentioned: “Penelope is a savage.”

A fourth person claimed: “Zero parental supervision.”

A commentator chimed in: “Why did you make your kid stand in the middle of a dangerous archery game?”


In November, Kourt was giving a tour of her home’s large backyard.

Reign interrupted the tour by screaming out an NSFW word in the video.

As she walked along the edge of her pool, Kourtney briefly captured Reign jumping on the trampoline with a friend.

Upon seeing the reality star, the eight-year-old demanded: “Mom come on the d**n trampoline!”

Kourtney answered, “Oh, I’m coming,” and then continued to record the scenic view.


During a restaurant opening in Los Angeles last year, Reign had enough with the photographers.

The tot accompanied his mother and Travis, 46, to the grand opening of the vegan eatery, Crossroads Kitchen in Calabasas, California, on Thursday.

Travis is an investor in the upscale restaurant owned by legendary chef Tal Ronnen, who also has a location in West Hollywood.

He shared photos on his Instagram Stories of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, where Reign stood at the front of the unveiling.

Reign was not having it with the photographers during a restaurant opening in Los Angeles


Reign was not having it with the photographers during a restaurant opening in Los AngelesCredit: Getty

In the snaps, Kourtney and Travis watched the youngster cut the ribbon with scissors to signify the restaurant’s official opening.

In the pic, Reign and Penelope were standing in the restaurant’s patio area while Travis was talking to a woman seemingly involved in the project.

Reign appeared distracted by cameras snapping their picture from afar as he leaned over a railing and flashed his middle fingers.

Travis didn’t appear to see the mishap, and Kourtney was nowhere in sight.


While guest starring on Amanda Hirsch’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Kourtney admitted that she co-sleeps with Penelope.

“She’s slept with me every day since she was born and pretty much still does,” the 43-year-old said.

Kourtney and Penelope have a joint TikTok account


Kourtney and Penelope have a joint TikTok accountCredit: TikTok/pandkourt

“Unless she has a friend sleep over or unless she leaves me to go sleep at Travis’ or Auntie Coco’s [Khloe Kardashian] or Auntie Kiki’s [Kim Kardashian]. But besides that, we are so close.”

Amanda praised Kourtney for being a “very all-in” mother who “doesn’t follow any of the rules that [she’s] supposed to.”

Kourtney agreed and stressed how similar she is to her “mini-me,” Penelope.

“I can’t even explain it. She is my girl that I do not worry about,” the reality star said.

Listeners aired their differing opinions on Kourtney’s parenting on an online thread.

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One wrote: “I’ll be honest I think this is a little weird. Like fine when the child is like 5, but 10???”

Another posted: “These poor kids have no privacy. Imagine being ten years old and this is blasted to the whole world including all your friends to see. Any 10-year-old I know would be mortified.”

Kourtney with her eldest child, Mason


Kourtney with her eldest child, MasonCredit: Instagram
Kourtney has been called out by fans for her 'bad parenting' many times


Kourtney has been called out by fans for her ‘bad parenting’ many timesCredit: Instagram/kourtneykardash

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