OET Speaking Sample Role Play (Nursing)

Do you want to know what a good OET Nursing role play looks like? Watch this demo and anlaysis of great language to use in the OET speaking exam.


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0:00 – 0:32 – Intro
0:32 – 1:51 – What happens in the OET speaking test?
1:51 – 7:25 – OET Nursing Role play demo
7:25 – 9:59 – Language to use in the OET role play
9:59 – 10:07 – OET preparation for Nurses
10:07 – 10:24 – Top tips
10:17 – 10:54 – If the role play was in a community centre or GP clinic, how would you begin that role play?
10:54 – 11:25 – Bloopers


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The OET Speaking Sample Role Play for Nursing is a simulation designed to test the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to work in English-speaking countries. The role play involves a scenario where a nurse interacts with a patient, family member or colleague in a medical setting. The purpose of this exercise is to assess the candidateโ€™s ability to communicate effectively, using appropriate medical terminology and language, in a real-life situation.

The OET Speaking Sample Role Play for Nursing is an essential component of the OET exam, which is recognised by healthcare regulatory bodies, employers and universities in various English-speaking countries. The role play requires the candidate to demonstrate their ability to use their professional knowledge, skills and experience to handle difficult situations, such as explaining treatment options, providing emotional support or dealing with a difficult patient or family member.

The role play is conducted by a trained OET interlocutor who assumes the role of the patient, family member or colleague. The candidate is expected to introduce themselves and their role, ask relevant questions, clarify information, provide advice and respond appropriately to the patientโ€™s needs. The examiners will assess the candidate’s ability to use appropriate grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and intonation, as well as their ability to convey empathy and demonstrate cultural sensitivity.

Overall, the OET Speaking Sample Role Play for Nursing is a rigorous assessment of a candidate’s language proficiency and their ability to communicate effectively in a healthcare environment. Passing this component of the OET exam is a crucial step in obtaining professional registration and pursuing a successful career in English-speaking countries.


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