How to PASS the OET Speaking Role Play (DOCTORS)

Want to succeed in the OET role play? Join Jo as she explains what to expect from the role card in OET Medicine and how to approach the test and be confident on exam day!


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0:00 – 0:31 – Intro
0:31 – 2:03 – OET Speaking overview
2:03 – 2:31 – What to do in the OET preparation time
2:31 – 2:56 – Activity 1
2:56 – 3:10 – Answer 1
3:10 – 3:32 – Activity 2
3:32 – 5:22 – Answer 2
5:22 – 6:14 – What to do during the OET role play?
6:14 – 6:26 – OET preparation for Doctors
6:26 – 6:43 – Top tips
6:43 – 7:05 – What phrases could you use to reassure the patient in the role play from this video?
7:05 – 7:34 – Bloopers


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OET (Occupational English Test) is a language proficiency test specifically designed for healthcare professionals. It assesses the English language skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. The speaking section of the OET is a crucial part of the test, as it evaluates the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues in a medical setting.

For doctors, the speaking role play in the OET is an essential task that must be performed to pass the test. In this section, the candidate will be given a scenario and will be required to play the role of a doctor. They will have to interact with a patient or a colleague and demonstrate their language proficiency and communication skills.

To pass the OET speaking role play for doctors, there are several tips and strategies that candidates can follow. Firstly, it is essential to understand the task requirements and the assessment criteria. This will help the candidate to prepare adequately and to focus on the specific language skills that are being tested.

Secondly, candidates should practice speaking in a medical setting. This can be done by role-playing scenarios with colleagues or by recording and listening to themselves speaking. It is also important to practice using medical terminology and to be familiar with common medical phrases and expressions.

Thirdly, candidates should be confident and assertive in their communication. They should speak clearly and concisely and be able to convey their message effectively. It is also essential to listen carefully to the patient or colleague and respond appropriately to their needs.

In conclusion, passing the OET speaking role play for doctors requires preparation, practice, and confidence. By following these tips and strategies, candidates can improve their language proficiency and communication skills, and successfully demonstrate their ability to function effectively in an English-speaking medical environment.


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