OET Speaking Sample Role Play (Medicine)

Do you want to know what a good OET Medicine role play looks like? Watch this demo and anlaysis of great language to use in the OET speaking exam.


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0:00 – 0:33 – Intro
0:33 – 1:51 – What happens in the OET Speaking test?
1:51 – 7:22 – OET Medicine Role play demo
7:22 – 9:45 – Language to use in the OET role play
9:45 – 10:01 – OET preparation for Doctors
10:01 – 10:17 – Top tips
10:17 – 10:34 – What other settings can be used in the OET speaking role play?
10:34 – 11:07 – Bloopers


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The OET Speaking Sample Role Play (Medicine) is a simulation of a conversation between a healthcare professional and a patient. It is designed to assess the English language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to work in English-speaking countries. The role play is conducted by an OET examiner who plays the role of the patient, while the candidate plays the role of the healthcare professional. The scenario is based on a medical consultation, where the candidate is required to ask questions, give advice, and provide information to the patient.

The role play is divided into three parts: Part A, Part B, and Part C. In Part A, the candidate is required to introduce themselves to the patient, confirm their identity, and explain the purpose of the consultation. In Part B, the candidate is required to ask questions related to the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and concerns. The candidate is also required to provide appropriate advice and information to the patient. In Part C, the candidate is required to summarize the consultation and provide any further advice or information.

The OET Speaking Sample Role Play (Medicine) assesses the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in English in a healthcare setting. The candidate is assessed on their ability to speak clearly and fluently, use appropriate medical terminology, and demonstrate empathy and understanding towards the patient. The role play is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals who want to improve their English language skills and prepare for the OET exam.


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