Research Fellow in Quantum Computational Electromagnetics for Future Wireless Communications Systems at University of Surrey

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About us 

The Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) is the largest academic research institute in Europe specialising in all aspects of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Home to over 200 researchers we have developed the best in class large scale testbeds for research and innovation and enjoy the state-of-the-art lab and computing facilities.

Established in 2012, 5GIC is the world’s first dedicated centre in researching end-to-end aspects of 5G collaborating with national and international academic institutes and key industrial partners. In November 2020, 6GIC was officially launched with parallel research undertaken in both 5G+ and 6G for 2030+.

The role

Working on the collaborative project, “Towards Quantum-assisted Reconfigurable Indoor Wireless Environments,” jointly funded by the NSF-EPSRC. You will be focusing on advanced electromagnetic modelling for smart environments assisted (including reconfigurable intelligent surfaces) by quantum optimization algorithms.

The aim of this project is to investigate new fundamental communication models and schemes, which dynamically program and customise indoor wireless propagation environments for enhanced wireless communication; achieved by integrating the physics of wave-chaotic dynamics, the mathematics of random matrix theory, the engineering of reconfigurable electromagnetic surfaces (RIS), and the computing power of adiabatic quantum annealer. The research team includes Prof. Zhen Peng in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US and Prof. Gabriele Gradoni in the University of Surrey, UK. 

What you’ll be doing 

  • Devising innovative electromagnetic models of the RIS operating inside cavities, develop the basic knowledge of universal gate and adiabatic quantum computing, learn the derivation of quantum circuits from electromagnetic problems and the implementation of quantum circuits in dedicated software platform (including IBM Qiskit and D-WAVE) to address dynamic environment optimization.
  • Find novel mathematical solutions to modern wave and quantum engineering problems.
  • Travel to UK and US collaborators and conduct research in line with the project for substantial periods of time.
  • Learn how to write grant proposals, take part in drafting follow up/related proposals on quantum computational electromagnetics applications, and liaise with a multidisciplinary network of academic and industrial partners.
  • Set, define and work towards achieving targets, disseminate results and document work performed.

What you need to have

  • A PhD degree (or equivalent) or close to completing a PhD degree in Electronic Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or other areas related to Electromagnetics Engineering and Quantum Physics. Postdoctoral research or industrial experience would be an advantage.
  • Expertise in electromagnetics modelling for wireless communication systems.
  • A research profile in the development of advanced quantum and optimization algorithms.
  • Solid understanding of; the theoretical and design aspects of state-of-the-art RIS, MIMO systems, and indoor propagation, and random matrix theory and chaos theory applied to wave problems.
  • A track record of publications in highly ranked journals and conferences in at least one of the above fields.

How to apply

Please submit your CV and complete the application form as instructed.

For informal enquiries please contact: Prof Gabriele Gradoni (g.*******@su****.uk)

Further details:   

Please note, it is University Policy to offer a starting salary equivalent to Level 3.6 (£34,980) to successful applicants who have been awarded, but are yet to receive, their PhD certificate.  Once the original PhD certificate has been submitted to the local HR Department, the salary will be increased to Level 4.1 (£36,024).

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