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We are developing a near-infrared diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) sensing system using innovative CMOS single-photon sensors to measure cerebral blood flow and assess brain injury. The project is funded by EPSRC QuantiC (the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Imaging). We will demonstrate the proposed DCS prototype by the project’s end.

FTE: 1.0
Term: Fixed (until 20 July 2024)

We are recruiting a full-time Research Assistant to develop a low-cost diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) instrument from 16 December 2023 to 20 July 2024, funded by EPSRC QuantiC. The proposed DCS system will integrate Scotland’s latest CMOS single-photon sensor technologies to measure cerebral blood flow continuously in real-time.

In order to demonstrate the proposed DCS prototype by the end of the project, the candidate must have solid experience in DCS theory/instrumentation (having a track record in publication), optical system design, optoelectronics (with experience in handling lasers & CMOS single-photon sensors), mechanical system design, and machine-learning with strong analytical, instrumentation and innovation skills.

As we will perform phantom experiments with tissue-like materials at a medical school, the candidate must have experience working in a multi-disciplinary environment and be a team player to work in a team.

For informal enquiries, please contact Dr David Li, Senior Lecturer, da******@st****.uk, Tel: 0141 548 3431

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