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The OET Reading test is a critical component of the Occupational English Test (OET) that evaluates the reading skills of healthcare professionals who are seeking to work or study in English-speaking countries. One of the topics that candidates may encounter in the OET Reading test is what language to use in reporting research.

Research is an essential aspect of healthcare, and healthcare professionals are often required to write reports on their research findings. The language used in reporting research plays a crucial role in communicating the findings accurately and effectively. Therefore, it is essential to select the appropriate language to ensure that the report is clear, concise and easily understandable to the target audience.

In the OET Reading test, candidates may encounter passages that discuss the different types of language used in reporting research, such as technical language, scientific jargon, and plain language. Technical language is specific to a particular field, and its use is necessary for accuracy and precision. Scientific jargon, on the other hand, refers to words and phrases that are commonly used in scientific literature but may not be understood by the general public. Plain language, on the other hand, involves using simple words and phrases that are easy to understand.

The passage may also discuss the importance of using appropriate language for the target audience. For instance, if the report is for healthcare professionals, technical language and scientific jargon may be necessary. However, if the report is for the general public or patients, plain language may be more appropriate.

Overall, the OET Reading test evaluates candidates’ ability to comprehend and analyze passages related to healthcare and medical research. Understanding what language to use in reporting research is crucial for healthcare professionals, and the OET Reading test provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their understanding of this topic.


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