#OETListening Spelling quick TEST!

In OET Listening Part A you often have to write down the names of medications… are you confident in your spelling of these?

⚠️ Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJyz-1ZPzwY

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The OET or the Occupational English Test is a widely recognized exam that assesses the English language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to work or study in an English-speaking environment. One of the four sub-tests of the OET is the listening test, which evaluates the test-taker’s ability to comprehend spoken English in healthcare settings.

To prepare for the OET listening test, it is important to develop a range of skills that include not just comprehension but also spelling, which is the focus of this quick test. The #OETListening Spelling Quick Test is designed to help test-takers improve their spelling skills and accuracy when listening to healthcare-related terms and phrases.

This test typically consists of short audio recordings of healthcare professionals speaking about various topics related to their field. The test-taker’s task is to listen carefully and spell out the words or phrases they hear correctly. This can be challenging because healthcare-related terms are often complex, technical, and can be pronounced in different ways depending on the speaker’s accent.

The #OETListening Spelling Quick Test is a valuable tool for healthcare professionals who want to improve their spelling skills and increase their chances of success on the OET listening test. By taking this test regularly, test-takers can identify areas of weakness and work on improving their spelling skills, which will help them better understand spoken English in healthcare settings and communicate more effectively with patients and colleagues.


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