#OETListening How to use transcripts in OETLISTENING C

Have a look at the top tips for using transcripts for OET Listening C given by OET Jo!

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OET (Occupational English Test) is a language proficiency test for healthcare professionals who want to work in English-speaking countries. The OET Listening subtest assesses the candidates’ listening skills in a healthcare setting. It consists of three parts, and each part has two healthcare-related scenarios. The test takers have to answer multiple-choice questions based on the audio recordings of the scenarios.

Sometimes, test takers might find it challenging to understand the audio recordings due to the accent or the complexity of the scenario. In such cases, the OET provides transcripts of the audio recordings. The transcripts are written versions of the audio recordings that candidates can use to follow the conversation and understand the context.

To use transcripts in OET Listening, candidates need to follow these steps:

1. Read the instructions carefully: Before starting the test, candidates should read the instructions carefully. The instructions will guide them on how to use the transcripts during the test.

2. Listen to the audio recording: Candidates should listen to the audio recording without referring to the transcript first. This will help them focus on the conversation and understand the context.

3. Use the transcript: If candidates find it challenging to understand the audio recording, they can use the transcript. They can read along with the audio recording to understand the conversation better.

4. Answer the questions: After listening to the audio recording and using the transcript (if needed), candidates should answer the multiple-choice questions based on the scenario.

Using transcripts in OET Listening can be helpful for test takers who struggle with listening comprehension. However, it is essential to use the transcripts judiciously. Candidates should not rely on the transcripts entirely, as the OET Listening subtest assesses their listening skills, not their reading skills. Therefore, they should use the transcripts only when necessary and try to improve their listening skills through practice and exposure to English in a healthcare setting.


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