OET Reading Sample Test 5 – (Part C) Q9

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The OET Reading Sample Test 5 – (Part C) Q9 is a question from the Occupational English Test (OET) that assesses a candidate’s reading skills in a professional healthcare context.

In this question, candidates are provided with a short text related to healthcare and are required to answer a multiple-choice question based on the information provided. The question aims to evaluate the candidate’s ability to comprehend and interpret healthcare-related texts accurately.

The text provided for this question may include a case study, a patient’s medical history, or a healthcare-related scenario. It will be written in a formal and professional tone, similar to the type of text that healthcare professionals encounter in their daily practice.

Candidates will be presented with a question that requires them to analyze the information presented in the text critically. They will need to identify the key details, make inferences, and draw conclusions based on the given information. The question will typically have three or four options, and candidates must select the most appropriate answer that aligns with the information in the text.

This question assesses the candidate’s ability to read and comprehend complex healthcare-related texts efficiently. It also evaluates their analytical and critical thinking skills, as they need to interpret the information provided accurately to select the correct answer.

Preparing for this part of the test requires candidates to practice reading a variety of healthcare-related texts, such as medical journals, research papers, patient records, or healthcare policies. By familiarizing themselves with different types of texts, candidates can improve their ability to extract relevant information and answer questions accurately.

Overall, the OET Reading Sample Test 5 – (Part C) Q9 is an essential component of the OET exam, as it evaluates a candidate’s reading skills in a healthcare context. By practicing similar questions, candidates can enhance their ability to understand and interpret complex healthcare-related texts, contributing to their success in the OET exam.


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