OET Class with IRS Group: OET Speaking – How to elicit and explore the patient’s perspective

In this session, Milen from IRS Group will help you to develop the ability to understand your patient’s perspective of their condition and the care required.

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The OET class with IRS Group focuses on the OET Speaking module, specifically on how to elicit and explore the patient’s perspective. The class is designed for healthcare professionals who are planning to take the OET exam and want to improve their communication skills in the healthcare setting.

The OET Speaking module evaluates the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues in a healthcare setting. This module consists of two parts: the first part is a warm-up conversation with the interlocutor and the second part involves a role-play scenario with a patient or a healthcare professional.

In the OET Class with IRS Group, the focus is on the second part of the Speaking module, which requires the candidate to effectively elicit and explore the patient’s perspective. This involves gathering information from the patient about their health concerns, their medical history, and their beliefs and attitudes about their health.

The class will cover various communication techniques that can be used to elicit and explore the patient’s perspective, such as active listening, open-ended questioning, and summarizing. The class will also provide tips on how to build rapport with the patient, how to clarify information, and how to show empathy and understanding.

Overall, the OET class with IRS Group will equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and techniques to effectively communicate with patients in the healthcare setting. By improving their communication skills, healthcare professionals can enhance patient care, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately succeed in the OET exam.


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