NEW OET Reading Sample Test 4

A brand new sample OET Reading test is now available on the OET website. In this video, Rebecca, guides you through Part A, B and C, sharing tips and strategies to help you ace your test.

📖 Download the NEW Reading Sample Test 4 here📖

0:00 Welcome
0:40 Reading Test Outline
1:20 Reading Part A
11:15 Reading Part B
15:40 Reading Part C
24:55 Checking your answers
27:49 Getting the most value out of the task

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The OET (Occupational English Test) is an English language proficiency exam designed specifically for healthcare professionals who wish to work in English-speaking countries. One of the key components of the OET is the reading section, which assesses the candidate’s ability to read and understand complex medical texts.

The NEW OET Reading Sample Test 4 is the latest addition to the OET reading sample test series. This test is designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive practice session that accurately reflects the format and level of difficulty of the actual OET reading test.

The test comprises three parts, each containing a different type of reading passage. The first part focuses on a medical text related to a healthcare profession, such as nursing or physiotherapy. The second part includes a more general medical text that covers a broader range of healthcare topics. Finally, the third part is a patient consultation text that simulates a real-life scenario in which a healthcare professional provides advice and guidance to a patient.

Overall, the NEW OET Reading Sample Test 4 provides candidates with an excellent opportunity to practice their reading skills and develop their ability to comprehend complex medical texts. By taking this test, candidates can improve their chances of passing the OET reading section and achieving their career goals in the healthcare industry.


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