New OET Listening Sample Test 4

A brand new sample OET Listening test is now available on the OET website. In this video, Rebecca, guides you through Part A, B and C, sharing tips and strategies to help you ace your test.

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0:00 Welcome
0:41 Listening Test outline
1:25 Listening Part A
10:34 Listening Part B
16:44 Listening Part C
28:42 Getting the most value out of the task


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The Occupational English Test (OET) is a language proficiency exam designed specifically for healthcare professionals. The listening module of the OET assesses a candidate’s ability to comprehend spoken English in healthcare settings. The OET recently released a new listening sample test, known as Test 4.

The new OET Listening Sample Test 4 is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals who are preparing for the OET exam. The test consists of three parts, and each part contains two healthcare-related listening tasks. The topics covered in the tasks include patient consultations, handovers, and instructions.

The first part of the test focuses on patient consultations and requires candidates to listen to a dialogue between a healthcare professional and a patient. The second part of the test involves listening to a handover report, where a healthcare professional gives an update on a patient’s condition to another healthcare professional. The final part of the test contains instructions given by a healthcare professional to a patient.

The listening tasks in the OET Listening Sample Test 4 are designed to simulate real-life scenarios that healthcare professionals may encounter in their workplaces. The audio recordings are of high quality and feature a range of accents, including Australian, British, and American.

In addition to the audio recordings, the OET Listening Sample Test 4 includes a set of questions for each task. The questions test a candidate’s ability to comprehend, infer, and interpret information from the audio recordings. The questions are multiple-choice, matching, and gap-fill.

Overall, the OET Listening Sample Test 4 is an excellent resource for healthcare professionals who are preparing for the OET exam. It provides candidates with an opportunity to practice their listening skills and familiarize themselves with the types of tasks they may encounter on the actual exam.


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