Nasogatric Tube Insertions I B Sc Nursing 1st Year I Foundations of Nursing I

Nasogatric Tube Insertions I B Sc Nursing 1st Year I Foundations of Nursing I By Sana Mam
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Nasogastric tube insertion is a common medical procedure that is performed to administer nutrition, medication, or to remove stomach contents. As a nursing student in the first year of the B Sc Nursing program, you will learn about the basics of nasogastric tube insertion and the important role it plays in patient care.

The procedure involves the insertion of a flexible tube through the nose and into the stomach. The tube is typically made of plastic or rubber and varies in size depending on the patient’s needs. The process requires careful assessment and monitoring to ensure that it is done correctly and safely.

In the Foundations of Nursing course, you will learn about the indications for nasogastric tube insertion, how to prepare the patient for the procedure, and the different techniques used for insertion. You will also learn about the potential complications that can arise from the procedure and how to identify and manage them.

Throughout your training, you will gain hands-on experience in performing nasogastric tube insertion under the supervision of experienced nursing professionals. This will help you develop the necessary skills and confidence to perform the procedure on your own.

Overall, the study of nasogastric tube insertion is an essential part of the B Sc Nursing program as it is a fundamental aspect of patient care. As a nursing student, you will learn about the importance of administering nutrition and medication to patients through this method and how to ensure their safety and well-being throughout the process.


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