Live class with Swoosh: OET Mock Speaking + Tips for Fantastic Fluency

Join Swoosh English OET Teacher Scott as he hosts another practice mock OET Speaking role-play session.

Practise your speaking, listen attentively to his advice and supercharge your OET Speaking confidence in a fun and interactive class.

Scott’s session will also focus on tips and strategies to help you build fantastic fluency confidence, including how to maintain even speech, managing loss of words and avoiding repetition.

Scott can’t wait to host you! See you soon.

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Live class with Swoosh is an exciting opportunity for aspiring OET test takers. In this class, participants will receive a mock speaking test, which will help them evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in this section of the test. This will enable them to identify areas that require improvement and work towards perfecting their skills.

In addition to the mock speaking test, the class will also provide tips for fantastic fluency. Fluency is an essential part of the OET test, and it is critical to ensure that candidates can communicate effectively in English. The class will provide valuable insights on how to improve fluency, such as the use of appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and how to structure responses to questions.

The class will be conducted by experienced trainers who have extensive knowledge of the OET test and have helped numerous candidates achieve their desired scores. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the trainers and ask questions to clarify their doubts.

Overall, the Live class with Swoosh: OET Mock Speaking + Tips for Fantastic Fluency is an excellent opportunity for candidates to enhance their speaking skills, improve their fluency, and get a step closer to achieving their desired scores in the OET test.


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