Live class with OET Online: OET Writing – Under the microscope

In this 30-minute session, Steve will analyse a medical referral letter and show you how to write professionally and with a clear purpose so you can pass OET Writing on your next attempt. Live and interactive – don’t miss it!

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Live class with OET Online: OET Writing – Under the microscope is a unique and specialized training program designed for healthcare professionals who are preparing for the Occupational English Test. This live class is focused on developing the writing skills of the candidates and providing them with an in-depth understanding of the OET Writing sub-test.

Throughout the class, the instructors will cover a range of topics related to OET Writing, including the format and structure of the test, the assessment criteria, and the common mistakes that candidates make. The course will also delve into the intricacies of writing for different healthcare professions, such as nursing, medicine, dentistry, and physiotherapy.

One of the key highlights of this live class is the personalized feedback that candidates will receive from expert OET instructors. The instructors will review the writing samples of the candidates and provide them with detailed feedback on their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. This feedback is invaluable for candidates as it enables them to identify their weaknesses and work on improving their writing skills.

Overall, Live class with OET Online: OET Writing – Under the microscope is an excellent training program for healthcare professionals who are serious about passing the OET Writing sub-test. With its comprehensive coverage, personalized feedback, and expert instructors, this live class is an investment that can lead to significant improvements in OET Writing scores and, ultimately, better career prospects.


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