Live class with Banfield’s: OET Reading Part C – Accuracy: Are you focusing on the right thing?

A longer text plus time pressure mean you have to be highly focused on exact meaning of language. How do you understand what is the real focus vs. what is distraction?

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The OET (Occupational English Test) is a vital exam for healthcare professionals looking to work in English-speaking countries. One of the toughest sections of the OET is the reading part, specifically Part C, which focuses on accuracy. To help healthcare professionals prepare for this challenging section of the exam, Banfield’s is offering a live class on OET Reading Part C – Accuracy: Are you focusing on the right thing?

In this live class, students will learn how to improve their accuracy in reading comprehension by focusing on the right things. Participants will learn how to identify key information and main ideas in the reading passages, how to recognize and understand complex sentences, and how to use context clues to decipher unfamiliar vocabulary. The session will also cover strategies for time management and test-taking skills to help students maximize their score on the OET.

The live class will be conducted by experienced OET tutors from Banfield’s, who have a proven track record of helping healthcare professionals succeed in the OET exam. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized feedback on their reading skills. By attending this live class, healthcare professionals can gain the confidence and skills they need to excel in the OET Reading Part C – Accuracy section and achieve their career goals.


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