Live class with Ashcroft: OET Speaking – How to Signpost Successfully for Top Scores!

Understand what the assessors are looking for, how to signpost well and why it’s so important. Learn this to improve both your OET speaking score and your real-life consultations. Don’t miss it!

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Live class with Ashcroft is an interactive session that focuses on OET Speaking, specifically how to signpost successfully for top scores. The OET Speaking exam is designed to test the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to work in English-speaking countries. Signposting is a vital aspect of the exam as it helps the speaker to organize their thoughts and ideas coherently.

The session will be conducted by Ashcroft, an experienced OET trainer who has helped numerous healthcare professionals achieve their desired scores. In this live class, Ashcroft will discuss the importance of signposting and how it can help the candidates to score higher in the OET Speaking exam. He will provide practical tips and techniques that will help the candidates to structure their responses effectively.

The session will be highly interactive, as Ashcroft will use real-life scenarios and examples to demonstrate the techniques. The participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their doubts. They will also have the chance to practice signposting under the guidance of Ashcroft.

By the end of the session, the participants will have gained a better understanding of the importance of signposting in the OET Speaking exam. They will have learned practical techniques that they can apply in their responses, which will help them to score higher in the exam. This live class with Ashcroft is a must-attend for healthcare professionals who are preparing for the OET Speaking exam and want to improve their scores.


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