Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Composite Materials (x3 posts) at University of Sheffield

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Contract type: Open ended

Location: Sheffield (Main Campus)


Grade 8 (Lecturer), Grade 9 (Senior Lecturer)

Grade 8 – £46,974 – £56,021 per annum, with potential to progress to £63,029 per annum through sustained exceptional contribution

Grade 9 – £59,421 – £66,857 per annum, with potential to progress to £77,475 per annum through sustained exceptional contribution

Following the appointment of our new Faculty Vice-President, we are looking to appoint 3 Lecturers or Senior Lecturers in the area of polymer composite materials. We are looking for individuals who will contribute to maintaining our welcoming, inclusive, diverse and inspiring environment for our students, and whose expertise will complement and enhance our existing capabilities through cross-disciplinary research.

The posts will be held in the most relevant department for your skills – either the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering or at our Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC). Joint appointments between departments and the AMRC will also be considered, as appropriate.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about both research and teaching, and who are keen to explore new collaborations and new approaches where possible.  We recognise that applicants will come with a range of experience, and we will make our assessments based on your career stage and your potential to make a positive difference to our departmental activities and culture. For lecturers, mentorship and training will be provided during your probationary period in order to help with your transition into the Department.

As a Lecturer, you will conduct a programme of research, attracting external funding from a range of sources, publishing work in high-quality peer-reviewed journals and attending conferences and seminars. You will also carry out teaching duties including designing, delivering, assessing and reviewing teaching programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Initially you will be allocated a lighter than average teaching load (for example one 10 credit course) and reduced administrative duties to allow focus on establishing a research career and developing as a teacher. We will also provide a generous support package to ensure rapid progress in research activity.

As a Senior Lecturer you will hold a strong existing academic profile in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering or Advanced Manufacturing, you will complement and strengthen our existing areas of research. You will have the ability and experience to provide significant leadership in teaching. You will have a proven track record of attracting external funding in order to develop research of an international standing and publish this in the highest quality journals.

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