How To Earn Online with Bibliobazar?

Bibliobazar is an online library that serves you books and videos to learn online. You can earn money online while you use the website.

How to start with Bibliobazar?

  1. Get registered
  2. Start sharing referral link
  3. View website daily
  4. Post Contents related to website
  5. Request to withdraw the money

Get registered

Register with your user name and mail ID and the confirmation link will be sent to your E-mail. By clicking the link you can set new password for the site.


You can register directly with Facebook login details.

The registration amount of Rs.10 will be added to you wallet

Start sharing referral link

You can find the referral link in your dashboard/ my account section. Start sharing the link on social media by that you will get Rs.10 for every registration and Rs.1 for every visits.

View website daily

For everyday visits, you will get Rs.1 in your wallet.

Post Contents related to website

Start posting content using post option on your dashboard and get approved.

Approval requires unique and website-related content.

Request to withdraw the money

Finally, you can withdraw the amount after it reaches Rs.500 using the withdraw option on your dashboard.

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