Great news for farmers, subsidy is available on buying tractors

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Last Updated On November 21, 2023

Kisan Tractor Scheme – To improve the condition of farmers in the country, the government comes out with different types of schemes. This time an important scheme has been started by the Jharkhand government. This is Kisan Tractor Scheme under which subsidy is being given on purchasing tractor. This is a great plan which can reduce the price of the tractor. You can buy a tractor at a huge discount of 50% to 80% and make farming even better.

If you are going to buy a tractor then Kisan Tractor Scheme can be best for you. Complete information about what you need to know for this is shared below. Let us tell you that this scheme has been started for farmers who fulfill certain eligibility criteria but farmers are getting benefit from it on a large scale.

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Kisan Tractor Scheme 2023

Farmer tractor scheme There is an important plan. Efforts are being made to make tractors and other agricultural equipment cheaper. To improve farming, the government is giving subsidy to the best tractors and other agricultural equipment. If you want to buy a tractor, you can get a subsidy of 50% and if you want to buy agricultural equipment, you can get a maximum subsidy of up to 80%.

Information about who will get the subsidy and how it will be given is given below. The government has allocated a budget of Rs 90 crore for this scheme. Let us tell you that the benefit of this scheme will be given only to those who have sufficient cultivable land. This scheme is not for landless farmers, in this, some loan will have to be taken for purchasing equipment or tractor and the government is going to give the rest of the money in the form of subsidy.

How much subsidy will be given on purchasing tractor and how much will have to be paid

Under the Kisan Tractor Scheme, the government is going to give you 50% of the price of the tractor as subsidy to buy a tractor. You can get a loan up to Rs 10 lakh from the remaining money. The government is also providing you loan facility and is giving back half the money in the form of subsidy.

This scheme has been started for the farmers so that they can easily improve their agriculture by purchasing tractors. Let us tell you that in this you are not only getting tractors but also other agricultural equipment. On purchasing that other agricultural equipment, you will get 80% of its price as subsidy and you can get the remaining price as loan.

Who is going to get the benefit of this scheme

Let us tell you that Kisan Tractor Scheme has been started mainly for the farmers of Jharkhand. To avail the benefits of this scheme, a person must be a native of Jharkhand. Along with this, the farmer who applies for this scheme must have sufficient cultivable land. The maximum cultivable land can be 10 acres and the minimum should be three hectares.

You do not need to apply online or offline for this scheme. You can go to the bank from which you will take loan to buy a tractor or to any of your local banks and talk about this scheme of the government.

How to apply for Kisan Tractor Scheme

farmer tractor scheme If you want to buy a tractor under which the government gives you subsidy. You will have to find out about this by going to the local bank. There you will get a loan of 50% and subsidy of 50% on which you can buy a tractor. This type of facility is also being given on your other agricultural equipment, you can invest your money in them also.

Let us tell you that in this scheme, ST, SC, OBC and women will be given more priority. Apart from this, it has been launched mainly for the residents of Jharkhand and you can get complete information about it by visiting any local bank.


in this article Kisan Tractor Scheme Complete information about the scheme has been shared, by reading which you can easily understand what Kisan Tractor is and how you can easily apply online for this scheme sitting at home. If you find the shared information beneficial then share it with your friends also.

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