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Are your students getting ready to take their IELTS? Are you interested in teaching IELTS? Or are you hoping to be an English-Language teacher?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, our IELTS webinars can help. They are free to join, delivered by English experts and created especially for anyone who will be helping students take the next step in the dreams of achieving a high IELTS score.

Webinars are held once a month at 12:00 pm UK time*.

*Please note that the UK changes its timings to British Summer Time (BST) from 26 March to 29 October 2023. Please make sure you check what time it is for you, as this could affect the time the webinars start in your country.

Webinars schedule: October-December 2023

Date and time Topic Description
Sunday 15 October 2023 Academic Reading This webinar looks at ways of harnessing learners’ existing reading skills and the application of these in the longer texts of the IELTS Reading section. The webinar also includes strategies for learners to deal with unknown vocabulary as well as a number of classroom ideas and activities for you to use in your own lessons.
Wednesday 15 November 2023 Writing Task 2 After a quick review of Writing Task 2, we will look at the assessment criteria and discuss how we can use them with our students to best affect. Then will look at ways to help our students analyse the question, come up with ideas, and organise those ideas into a coherent essay.
Friday 15 December 2023 IELTS Speaking The webinar will start with a discussion of the format of the test and the assessment criteria. After that, we will go through each of the 3 parts of the test looking at the challenges and suggesting some solutions. We will offer concrete activities that you can share with your students.

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