Engagement of Individuals/Firms in the field of Logistics space

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The RITES Limited, a public sector enterprise under the Ministry of Railways in India, has issued an Expression of Interest (EOI) seeking the engagement of individuals and/or firms to provide services in the field of logistics. The EOI aims to identify experts who can contribute to the development of logistic parks, industrial parks, economic zones, warehouses, and related infrastructure projects. RITES Limited is an internationally recognized consultancy organization with expertise in transport, infrastructure, and technology-related fields.

Interested experts should have good working knowledge of English and either be citizens of India or registered/incorporated in India. The EOI is governed by applicable Indian laws, and any disputes will be settled through alternate dispute resolution techniques or arbitration.

Employment Notification Engagement of Individuals/Firms in the field of Logistics space

To participate in the EOI process, eligible individuals or firms are required to submit an EOI application demonstrating their qualifications, relevant professional experience, and capability to perform the services. The evaluation of applications will consider the empanelment criteria specified in the EOI notification, as well as the performance of the experts during interaction meetings and presentations. Each expert should have a valid PAN number and GST registration, with exceptions considered for individuals whose total receipts in the previous financial year fall below a stipulated ceiling.

Confidentiality is emphasized throughout the EOI process, with information related to the evaluation and recommendation of engagement treated as confidential and not disclosed to unauthorized individuals. Prospective experts are expected to comply with the rules and provisions specified in the EOI notification and submit their application as per the prescribed format.

Apply to Engagement of Individuals/Firms in the field of Logistics space

Applications can be submitted either digitally through email or as hard copies bearing the expert’s signature. The Employer reserves the right to seek clarifications on the applications and may examine the submitted documents to determine their completeness. Any misrepresentation or deviation from the stated facts in the application may lead to rejection or cancellation of the expert’s engagement, along with potential blacklisting for up to three years.

The evaluation of EOI applications will be based on the information provided by the experts and their interaction and presentation before engagement. Shortlisted experts will be offered experience-wise man-month rates, which will be decided by the Employer based on the information received in the applications and other market inputs. The engagement of experts will be valid for one year from the date of initial engagement, and the accepted rates will be exclusive of GST.

Vacancy Notice Engagement of Individuals/Firms in the field of Logistics space

The EOI process allows for the submission of applications throughout the validity period, with newly empanelled experts added to the list of engaged experts. The EOI document, including qualification criteria, relevant professional experience, and indicative remuneration, can be downloaded from the RITES website.

In summary, RITES Limited is seeking the engagement of experts in the logistics field to contribute to the development of various infrastructure projects. Interested individuals or firms must submit their applications according to the specified format and requirements, with the evaluation process considering the qualifications, experience, and performance of the experts.

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