Disadvantages for Im injection ,?

•An expert and a trained person are necessary for administrating the drug by IM route

•The absorption of the drug is determined by the bulk of the muscle and its vascularity

•The onset and duration of the action of the drug are not adjustable

•In case of inadvertent scenarios such as anaphylaxis or neurovascular injuries, additional intravenous (IV) routes for emergency drug administration need to be secured

•IM injection at the appropriate landmarks may be difficult in a child as well as in patients requiring physical restrains

•Inadvertent injection within the subcutaneous plane can lead to delayed action of the drug

•Painful procedure

•Suspensions, as well as oily drugs, cannot be administered

•This can lead to anxiety in the patient, especially among children

•Self-administration of the drug can be difficult

•The precipitation of the drug following faster absorption of the solvent may lead to delayed or prolonged action of the drug

•Unintended prolonged sequelae following delayed release from the muscular compartment

  1. Need for temporary restraint of the patients, especially in crying children

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