1.Name the parts of central nervous system and describe the cerebral hemisphere

2.Name the various lobes of cerebrum. Describe various functional areas of cerebrum

3.Explain the structure of cerebellum in detail

4.Describe brachial plexus of nerves

5.Spinal cord

6.Draw a neat labeled diagram of circle of Willis

7.Trochlear nerve

8.Explain cerebellum with its anatomical significance.

9.Classify nervous system and write a note on neurons

10.Ulnar nerve and its applied anatomy

11.Radial nerve and its applied anatomy


1. Name the parts of the brain stem

2. Name ventricles of brain

3. Name major parts of central nervous system

4. Mention the functions of CSF

5. Name 4 cranial nerves

6. Mention the two functions of cerebellum

7. Spinal ganglion

8. What is wryneck

9. Erb’s palsy

10.Carpal tunnel syndrome

11.Mention 2 parts of sciatic nerve


13.Bell’s palsy

14.Lumbar puncture

15.Name the branches of the trigeminal nerve

16.Mention the function of hypoglossal nerve

17.Explain the deformity in klumpke’s paralysis

18.Special features of Medulla oblongata

19.Drawa labeled diagram of neurons.

20.Mention the parts of the brain

21.List the cranial nerves.

22.Name the parts of central nervous system

23.Name the meningeal coverings of brain in order.

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